• Planning to start a new website? How about a break from traditional .com, .net and .org? Very soon, you will be able to have a website address like! India's Radix Registry (which was announced by the Directi group in 2012) has won the rights to operate the .website top level domain aka gTLD. Radix won the rights at a private action conducted two days ago. Radix hopes that they'll be able to start offering .website domains by late Q1 or early Q2 of 2014.


    .website has been one of the most favoured top level domain by several users who want to launch their new ventures on the Internet. Radix founder Bhavin Turakhia is quite excited about Radix's win. Turakhia has said that it was their top picks and exemplifies group's strategy to have gTLDs that have maximum global impact.

    Radix is likely to have access to three more important gTLDs viz. .press, .space and .host; which have been uncontested in the applications. Congratulations to Radix for this major win! We'd like to ask our users what domains would they like to claim with .website gTLDs?

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