India's Mahindra Aerospace to launch 8-seater, 'Made In India' aircraft in 2 years

Anand Mahindra's got big plans for his company and his latest foray is into manufacturing of small aircrafts in India. Mahindra Aerospace will began manufacturing 8-seater small aircrafts in India in the next two years; confirmed Hemant Luthra, president of Mahindra Systech at the inauguration of a new aerostructure facility in Bangalore today. The company, at present, manufactures GA8 utility aircrafts in Australia through Aerostaff & GrippsAero; which it had acquired 3 years ago. The company has exported about 250 aircrafts from Australia to United States, Europe and other countries.


Anand Mahindra wants to turn India from a global consumer to a global producer in the aviation domain. The facility inaugurated today in Bangalore is the first aerostructure facility (privately held) in India. Mahindra says that their utility aircrafts will be like Mahindra Jeep - capable of landing in terrains where no one has reached.

The 25,000 square meter facility has ability to craft large and complex sheet metal parts using computer controlled shaping & cutting machine. It's also equipped with stretch-forming, bladder press, heat treatment and other special utility equipments.

Further reading: Mahindra Aerospace to launch first small aircraft in India in 2 years - The Economic Times


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    Anand Mahindra wants to turn India from a global consumer to a global producer in the aviation domain.
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