Indian National Telecom Policy 2011 - What You Should Know

Indian minister of communications, Mr. Kapil Sibal has released the draft of the National Telecom Policy 2011. The final version of the policy will be publicly launched in December this year. The policy defines how Indian Telecom Industry should progress and what people can expect from the Government in coming years. I thought of posting few highlights which matter to all of us.

Broadband On Demand By 2015: The policy focuses on proliferation of Broadband in India to boost the knowledge industry. The target is to achieve over 165 million broadband subscribers by 2017 and over 600 million by 2020. The ministry also plans to promote R&D in the telecom sector and wants to be the global hub for the manufacturing of telecom related products.

Free National Roaming: One country, one call rate! I'm not sure when is this thing coming; but there won't be any national roaming charges. The aim is to cut down the concept of STD and apply fixed calling charges to any phone in India.

Broadband Speeds Redefined: The definition of broadband speed will be changed. The qualifying speed for broadband will be 2 Mbps by 2015 and 100 Mbps by 2020. I'm not sure how the ministry plans to achieve this, but on paper they are awesome!

Number portability throughout circles: Currently mobile number portability is limited to the circle you are in. However, the new policy changes it by allowing users to switch to any operator of their choice within India through mobile number portability aka MNP.

If anyone's interested in knowing further details, the draft of the policy is available here: #-Link-Snipped-#


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