Indian Government Wants 70 Supercomputers For Research Work

The government of India has taken steps to setup 70 supercomputers to accelerate research work in various domains including weather and defence. These supercomputers will have varying speed of operations from 0.5 to 20 petaflops. However, as the work progresses, the newer super computing machines will even operate at 50 petaflops. In case you are not aware - a petaFLOP is a unit of measuring computer's processing speed. One petaFLOP is 10^15 floating point operations per second.

The early stage predictions for the total cost of the project is about Rs. 4500 crores. The project will be jointly handled by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and Department of Information and Technology (DIT). The supercomputers will be located at different parts of the country, informed Mr. Ashutosh Sharma, secretary of DST.


The project isn't happening anytime soon. The estimated time-frame for the completion of this project is about seven years. The government will allow scientists and researchers affiliated with government institutions to use these supercomputers for research in computer science, defense related simulation, bio-research, material sciences and earth science as well. The government will also allow private bodies to use these supercomputers and restrict the need to go to foreign countries for research work.

The project will face multiple challenges. For example, creating the software to be deployed on these machines and setting up hardware infrastructure for large scale research work will be a big challenge. In addition, the government will require highly skilled manpower to manage these computers in house.

Source: India to have 70 super computers for high-level research - The Hindu BusinessLine


  • Jatin Kumar
    Jatin Kumar
    what kind of application needs such high powered cpu's to work?

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