Indian Air Force Launches Private, Secure 3G Network Called "Air Force Cellular"

Air Force Cellular (AFCEL) is the latest initiative of the Indian Air Force to become one of the first forces to have their own secure and private 3G data network. The network will be exclusively available for the air force staff all over India. Air Chief Marshal, N.A.K Browne said that it's a quantum leap in a quest of providing private and secure 'end-point' connectivity to the air force personnel located at various IAF bases. AFCEL will enable real-time communication and exchange of information in an ever-changing environment that the staff operates in.


The AFCEL will allow for voice, data and video streaming along with file sharing exclusively among the air force staff. The phase I of the project has been rolled out in the NCR (National Capital Region) and the phase II will expand the reach of the network all over Indian bases of the force.

The Indian Air Force already owns and operates AFNet aka Air Force Network - a gigabyte digital information grid since 2010; which replaced the older communications system. We had earlier reported that American military was developing their own, U.S. Military Developing Exclusive, Secure 4G Network. It'd be just matter of time that IAF will advance to 4G technology.

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  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Nice to hear that our life protectors have access to what they like and they can communicate with better secure line. It may increase the reliability of information transfer.

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