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durga ch
durga ch • Oct 12, 2008


was watching a serial in one of the local channels where they were discussing about bio fuels

Bio Fuels are those which are generated from various biological substances example plants.Ethanol extracted from these plants are mixed with petrol . New generation of vehicles can run on 100 % ethanol ,, but currently a proportion of 85% ethanol and 5 % of petrol is being used.The biofuels unlike fossile fuels donnot increase the CO2 levels in atmosphere thus hugely reducing the pollution levels . Sugar cane and corn are few which are used to generate ethanol.
Brazil , US of A are the countires which are currenlty promoting and using bio fuell. Brazil has been running on these resources since past 30 years.

Now the question is.. with a three Ps (population , pollution , poverty)to manage and maintain can INDIA use its fourth P( potential) to utilise the resources available ( man and land) to generate this pollution free energy fuel and a better environment??

silverscorpion • Oct 13, 2008
India is a developing country. We are importing food from other countries. ie, India is not self sufficient in food. Now, as it is, the lands available are not enough for food production alone. And industrialists are fast eating our lands too. How can we use the remaining meager land for growing bio fuel crops?
Mayur Pathak
Mayur Pathak • Oct 14, 2008
Well I don't think so. Although I know bio fuel needs some investment, but its not huge investment. If I'm not wrong, Jatropha Curcus (a plant) is used to produce bio diesel and its cultivation is not that difficult. But its sad that current yield in India is very less

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