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@Kaustubh Katdare • 22 Feb, 2011
BSNL 3G is cheapest but not the best 3G service in India. The download speed vary a lot and there are issues with connectivity. We posted a detailed review of BSNL 3G Speeds and Performance here: BSNL 3G Review: USB Data Modem Speed | Performance - CrazyEngineers

I guess I've a solution that works. If you're not getting good download speeds and have issues with connection (goes idle lot of times) then try inserting your 3G SIM card into your 3G capable phone and try browsing from it.

I've been getting excellent results. I look forward to your reviews on this technique and share your results.
@uthamaputiran • 06 May, 2011 .............................................thank you for your sharing i am using the BSNL 3G Connection with my Nokia N900 the downloading speed is slow,But i followed your suggestion to speed up,now it's ok...I tested my speed at here Internet-speed-test/


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