Improved Email Delivery For CEans Using Amazon


We've began using Amazon email delivery service to deliver emails that originate from CrazyEngineers. This ensures that the emails land directly in your inbox. Please note that we do not spam and whether you should receive emails from CE is completely under your control. We typically send following types of emails -
  • Email account verification upon new user registration
  • Watched thread notifications: If a person replies to the discussion you are 'watching', you will receive email notification.
  • Personal conversation notification: If you are accepting personal conversations, you will get notified when another CEan starts a personal conversation with you or multiple CEans.
You can modify your privacy settings here: #-Link-Snipped-#
Amazon now ensures that you do not miss even a single update that you've subscribed to. Please let us know if any of our email is going into your bulk/spam folder. Post your feedback in following thread:



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