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importing dbf files into mysql

Question asked by rohitvishnu in #Databases on Apr 18, 2009
rohitvishnu · Apr 18, 2009
Rank D3 - MASTER
hi guys.

i have an xls sheet in openoffice.org. i'm workin on a small project and i need to convert this sheet into a mysql database. i see that openoffice allows me to save the spreadsheet as a .dbf file. does mysql support direct importing of fields from the .dbf file into a mysql database? if so whats the procedure?

i currently have the gui tools for mysql. are there any other packages i have to download for this?

thanks in advance. Posted in: #Databases
slashfear · Apr 20, 2009
Rank C1 - EXPERT
Hi Rohit,

You can use Load data as shown below,

    INTO TABLE [I]tbl_name[/I]
    [CHARACTER SET [I]charset_name[/I]]
        [TERMINATED BY '[I]string[/I]']
        [[OPTIONALLY] ENCLOSED BY '[I]char[/I]']
        [ESCAPED BY '[I]char[/I]']
        [STARTING BY '[I]string[/I]']
        [TERMINATED BY '[I]string[/I]']
    [IGNORE [I]number[/I] LINES]
    [SET [I]col_name[/I] = [I]expr[/I],...]
For further help or reference you can visit the following link ( which can give you the clear picture of how to do that process) :

MySQL :: MySQL 5.1 Reference Manual :: 12.2.6 LOAD DATA INFILE Syntax

Hope the information was useful for you!!!!😁

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