Important VISA Interview Questions ans Answers

The following are the Questions and Answers that mostly the Ambassador asked in the Embassy during the interview. So you must prepare yourself about all these questions before going for an interview. The interviews is mainly 3 stages namely Education Questions in Visa Interview, Financial Questions in Visa Interview, Personal Questions in Visa Interview.

Education Related Question
1. Which university are you applying for?
A. University of ....
2. Which course are you applying for ?
A. PhD program in....
3. How many universities did you apply to?
A. 4 universities, 1 admit, 3 rejects
4. Why did you get 3 rejects and just one admit?
A. Explaination.....
5. Why did you choose US?
A. A doctoral degree from a reputed university in united states enhances my career/job prospects in top institutes in India like CLRI and IIT. Top research institutes in India like CLRI, IIT give preference to people with a doctors degree from a reputed American institute. Also The University is involved in research which closely matches with my area of interest.
6. Why this University?
A. The faculty in the University are actively involved in research in the field of polymers, which is also my area of research interest. and the research program is well funded in the university
7. What are the research projects they are involved in?
A. They are currently carrying out projects in Conducting polymers and Corrosion protection using polymer coatings of the same.
8. How well is the university /dept/faculty funded?
A. The projects are well funded both by US Govt and industries in united states. Research grants amounting to 3million $ per year.
9. Why not study in India?
A. The university/this University is involved in research that match more closely with my area of interest. Also a degree from US enhances my career/job prospects in top research institutes in India like CLRI and IIT

Questions about financial Status
1. How are you sponsoring your studies? How do u plan to fund the amount shown in the I-20?
A. I have a 100%/full tuition fee wavier from the university. My father is sponsoring for my living expenses. ///SAY ONLY IF ASKED ABOUT MORE FUNDING! I also have a education loan sanctioned for Rs 6 Lac by State bank of India.
2. What are the documents you are showing/ and the question that mean the same! !!!like What is the proof for supporting your education?
A. Bank statements, Loan letter and property statements.
3. How will you repay the loan?
A. The repayment period starts 1 year after completion of my course.. Hence I will have sufficient time to repay the amount.
4. What is your father?
A. He has recently taken Voluntary Retirement from SBI where he was an employee for many years.
5. What’s his annual income?
A. His annual income amounts to 2.37 Lac. ( Show income tax return)
Personal Questions in Visa Interview
1. What do you plan to do after studies.?
A. I plan to come back to India and join the teaching profession. With a degree from a reputed University like University of Cincinnati, i will be able to find a position in a top research institute/ university /school like CLRI and IIT in India.
2. Why teaching profession?
A. I feel that there is a shortage in the number of well qualified faculty to handle/teach the number of students who want to pursue research/higher studies in India. I would like to contribute by bridging this gap. (Also combine answer of Q2)
3. Why would you want to come back to work here?/Why should you come back when you can make more money there?
A. I am the only son and feel its my duty to come back and take care of them.
4.. But you are away for six years?
A. I am doing that so that I will be in a better position to seek a job with a degree from the University of Cincinnati.
5. How much do u expect to earn after coming back to India?
A. A starting salary of Rs 70k per month or Rs 8L per year.

Other Questions:
Do you have any relative or friend in UK ?
The answers to this vary from person to person. The two basic replies being: Either "YES" or "NO". But I believe that you be truthful at this instance. I have seen many people who have been true and werent affected by that.
In fact at an USEFI seminar, addressed by the Consulate Officer. it was said by the officer himself that,
" We know that most of the student will end up staying there after completing their studies, but atleast we can do our part of skimming them. We can atleast play the part of sieving across the deserving people and not every pedestrian."
This means that they evaluate you on the basis of your merits and not by what the person staying abroad is going to do for you. And the financial part is because they want to be assured that you can at least go through your studies fully.
It just happens that many a times, they check your file based on details provided in your passport, and if they do apprehend you lying, that might spell trouble. So, I think telling the truth is the best thing.
If your uncle or cousin or distant aunt stays there, you dont have to say "YES" coz that doesnt matter. All that matters is your immediate relatives ..i.e own brother, sister , father or mother.

What does your father do ?
Well this does have a specific reply, but then you can put it as "Sir, My father is working with a German collaborated company for the past 25 years as a Manager in XYZ department. The long reply helps over here. If your father has taken a voluntary retirement, dont mention that he has retired.
Well there are two approaches to this. One, say that your father worked with this company for the last 30 years and now has his own consultancy dealing with ( insert some financial or technical terms ).
Two, Say that your father worked as Asst Mgr./Mgr./GM with some company for the past 25 years, took a VR and now has a consultancy of his own. Never show him to be idle, coz that means your income has drastically reduced and works as a negative point. Stating about the VR often helps coz then you can assure him that most of the money you have shown is yours coz usually people get huge amounts on taking a VR. So that does help on the financial grounds.
•How many brothers and sisters do you have ?
•What is the course commencement date ?
•What will be the total cost of per year ?
•What will you do during the off period / semester ?
I will come back to see my family and friends.
•How much money is available for your stay in UK ?
•Have you researched your career prospects ?
Off course. I have planned to choose any reputed multinational firm where I could learn more and more. Second at that time possibly there will be competition in jobs, if I fail to get any good job then I have plan to start my own business.


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