Important: Updating your engineering discipline in profile field

Hello all new CEans -

Lately, I've observed that there is some confusion about filling the "Engineering Discipline" field. Here's a short guide to updating it correctly:-

Your engineering discipline appears in your short mini-profile along with your posts on the left hand side. For example, you can see the text "I'm a Crazy Electrical Engineer" appears below my avatar on the left hand side of this post.

So, if you are a mechanical engineer or a mechanical engineering student - you should enter word Mechanical in the profile field. Please do not add words "Engineer" or "Engineering" after your discipline.

Correct Entry: Mechanical
Incorrect Entry: Mechanical Engineer

I request all of you to update your profile filed in the following location: -


If you have any doubt, post it here {by clicking reply post reply button}. [โ€‹IMG]


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