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important aspects of a multi level car park

Question asked by CIVILPRINCESS in #Coffee Room on Jul 26, 2010
CIVILPRINCESS · Jul 26, 2010
Member of CrazyEngineers
hello engineers

my topic for the final year project would be "Design of Multi Level Car Parking (MLCP)". we've already done the planning phase of our project though we have nearly a year to start of. i need you guys to help me by telling what all aspects would be mandatory in the planning of the car park. our MLCP is 8 storeyed and our site considered is a hard stratum with water table at a depth of 6m below the ground level.

the main features of our deign were:

  • Shear walls for seismic resistance
  • Sufficient light and ventilation
  • Fire safety
  • Theft security
  • Weather proof façade
  • Ramp (one way split level)
  • Numerous entrance and exits
  • Lift and stairs
  • Hardcrete flooring
  • Power supply room
  • Security rooms

what else would you say is essential in the planning phase:?:

-CP Posted in: #Coffee Room
CIVILPRINCESS · Jul 26, 2010
Member of CrazyEngineers
even new ideas or suggestions regarding my project would be welcome😁

abhitej · Jul 26, 2010
Member of CrazyEngineers
hello princess,
its nice for u to provide the plan for the car parking in 8 storeyed building ,but why a waste of that much of that much of resources,for such a small project,it had been already developed in foreign countries.but ur idea is always welcomed.and there is no question that it is a good project
CIVILPRINCESS · Jul 27, 2010
Member of CrazyEngineers
Thanks abhitej, but i chose the project only because i would have haigh design scope... It is a design project for the final year and not the final year project...😀 so here we have to design the reinforcement details and provide all plans... So i chose this project😀
gohm · Jul 28, 2010
Member of CrazyEngineers
water dispersal, expansion joints, clearance requirements (height) and identification features (color coding, number & letters,etc.)

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