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sarath chand
sarath chand • Aug 27, 2012

Importance of CDAC: Jobs & Placements

do i get good job if i complete cdac in vlsi and what could be the starting salary and and what are the companies i could be placed
[Prototype] • Aug 27, 2012
There are few VLSI companies who visit the C-DAC so yes, there's chance. If I remember, LSI was one of the company. There are more who visit C-DAC.

Out of curiosity, which center did you got. I was also interested in doing C-DAC in VLSI but didn't got rank enough to make my way to C-DAC ACTS Pune.
demetron • Aug 27, 2012
one of my classmate had completed DAC from ACTS PUNE(one of the best center) with 67% but he didn't got any placement there...otherhand there were guys with average performance got placed in good companies with 3.5+ LPA

so basically getting a job depends on everything including your
- previous academic record
- communication skills
-gud looks and voice (as we heard some HRs of TCS prefer that too 😘 )

all the best 👍
sarath chand
sarath chand • Oct 27, 2012
what about cdac?

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