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Implementation of Cloud Computing & Big Data Technologies in Indian Transportation using UIDAI

Question asked by gupta gourav in #Big Data on Mar 7, 2015
gupta gourav
gupta gourav · Mar 7, 2015
Project Abstract / Summary : Indian Transportation (Buses and trains) are like blood in the body which connect the each and every corner of the Indian state through road and track .It is the best trustworthy source for travelling by any part of the Indian .Mostly Indian passengers are travelling through this medium, but travelling in Indian Transportation have created many problems. Overloading is the major problem inside and outside the buses and trains. It cannot be eradicated by the conductor or ticket collector. Even a policeman on duty in the buses and train cannot solve this problem. These problem can be solved by the technological devices of Cloud Computing, big data, UIDAI and GPS system. The other problems like Robbery, insecurity, tickles travelling, issue of duplicate ticket by the conductor leading to the financial to the state exchequer, the incident of molestation inside the buses and trains, capturing the pickpocket, detecting the travelling of any terrorist will also be scanned under the advance technological devices. Such problems of the passengers have develop innovative idea to improve the safe and comfortable journey in Indian Transportation. In this project a meaningful effort has been made to overcome the above mention problems and give some techniques to enhance the comfort level of buses for the welfare of passengers.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : Idea of this project came from the daily experience of my life. I am living in a small town in Haryana state. I am a student of B.tech(3rd Year) in Birla TIT&S, Bhiwani. My college is just 28km far from my living location. I have to use buses or trains to reach the destination. So I have observed many problems like ticketless ,no security of ladies/handicap’s, kidnapping of child’s ,terrorists attacks, no tracking of buses, no monitoring of buses and no databases of passengers. Future scope and importance of project is very fruitful for the citizens of nation. The idea came into my mind to get rid off these types of the problem on the basis of daily following observations.
1. Most of the passengers are travelling without ticket everyday as there is no proper ticket collectors for checking and ultimate loss of Finance in the railway/bus transportation department becomes the major reasons.
2. There is a crowed in the train/bus even though the most of passengers are sitting on the roof of the train/bus and most of the passengers are standing near the window and hanging with the window of the train/bus so there are so many deaths due to incidence of the train/bus.
3. Ladies, handicap’s passengers etc. have to face difficulty during journey in train/ bus.
4. There are so many cases of dacoits, pick pockets cases in the train /bus.
5. Kidnapping of small child /lady passenger security as seen in the newspaper.
6. Terrorists can travel easily in the train/bus without any identity and they attack on the passenger or kidnapping of the bus etc.
7. No tracking of the position and there is no monitoring of the speed/fuel of the bus/train.
8. Wastage of paper and printing for pressing of tickets.
9. No data base of passengers.
10. No reservation system like train in the bus.
11. There is small misunderstanding between passengers in the bus for the seats sometimes this small misunderstanding enhances and converted into big fatality like murders, fighting, and abuse augmentation.
The innovation part of this project that is to implementation of UIDAI using high computation technology i.e. cloud computing and Big Data technology. This innovation is mainly useful for all the citizens of any nation .Here I took the example of India but I have seen this problems in other developing countries and also enhancing the financial status of any country in their transportation sector as well as overall GDP of any country .This innovation also help to provide the world class Transportation system to the citizens because every nation have a dream to provide world class facility to their citizens in an efficient manner. Development of any nation depends on what latest technology used for the betterment of living standards of their citizens in various fields like education, transportation, industry etc.I think transportation is very important factor for the growth of the nation.

Project Category : CS / IT / Networking
Institute/College Name: The Technological Institute of Textile & Sciences
City: bhiwani
State: haryana
Participating Team From: Third Year Posted in: #Big Data
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare · Apr 12, 2015
Rank A1 - PRO

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