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19 Aug 2007

Impedance constarints?


I have the gerbers for a single board computer,to be released for manufacturing.There are a few (20-30) system bus tracks from the processor to the RAM. Should these tracks,which i suppose are very sensitive ones to be taken care of all those impedance constraints while manufacturing?
If so how.what si that value for that.And should i instruct my manufacturer regarding that.
And what could be the possible problems which can happen if they are not manufactured accordingly?

any clues guys?



Branch Unspecified
21 Aug 2007
crazy enggnrs,,
c' one knows abt my query..?
or am i not clear?


Electronics and Communication
23 Aug 2007
This is a good Q.

Actually, its right those tracks are impedance sensitive. Usually, in digital systems, the IC itself would have taken care of it, but anyway, it would be good to place bypass caps (0.1uf SMD) in parallel with the ground. ground being a large surface area of exposed metal or something, you'd know what your ground looks like.

And if you are realy considering this a serious project then I would advise you to buy a simulation software which simuates EM noise, high freq noise and what not!! It will be immensely helpful.

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