IMEC 2012 Comming Soon by ASME GIKI Chapter

ASME GIKI Chapter(Pakistan) is organizing International Mechanical Engineering Convention inApril 2012. IMEC 2012 includes modules that have been designed to give you thetrue essence of Mechanical Engineering. It is going to be one of the biggestand most exciting conventions all over the world. Most of the modules are opento everyone. Hobbyists are especially encouraged to participate from all overthe world. It doesn’t matter whether you are a mechanical engineer or not. You onlyneed to have the will to participate and a creative mind.

IMEC 2012 includes:

Human Powered Vehicle Contest
Climate Control Challenge
Rapid Design Competition
Mind Crunch
Xploneering Pakistan
Convention Paper
Team Activities
Industrial Exposure

And much much more.

The details regarding all the modules will be available shortly. Stay Tuned !

For Info please contact us at
Facebook link: #-Link-Snipped-#


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