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@madhu27 • 05 Jul, 2013
I'm a final year EIE student. My interest is in the field of image processing. Here are some other ideas which came to my mind. Do these already exist? What advancements can be made if these exist? Can u give some innovations that could be implemented?
1. Driver drowsiness alert system.
2. defect rejection in pencil industries.
3.sorting of different sized objects in industries.
@lovebox • 05 Jul, 2013 • 1 like Yes, they exist. I certainly know about two of them.
1. Driver drowsiness alert system: A company called 'Seeing Machines' has implemented this. Check out :

3. Sorting of different sized objects in industries: UPS - a USA based courier and cargo company uses something like this at its global sorting hub called WorldPort located in Louisville, Kentucky (USA).

Not sure about the pencil industry's defective pieces rejection system. But since many other industries already use it (for example Frito Lay for its potato chips manufacturing facilities) there must be some example for the pencil industry too.
@madhu27 • 06 Jul, 2013 okay.. i found pencil industry defect rejection also to be implemented..😔
have to get some other idea...thank you..
@suganthy mahamuni • 30 Oct, 2018

different object detection

@suganthy mahamuni • 30 Oct, 2018

want to the algorithm for different object detection 

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