Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Project Topics in Matlab and OpenCV


2.ROI Image Compression
3.Sign Language Detection from Motion Video using Combined Features of Thin Plate Spline, Zernike Moment and Sum graph with Decision tree classifier
4.Multi-Class SVM Based Iris Recognition ( Most accepted IRIS solution presented by Kaushik Roy and Prabir Bhattacharaya)
5.Two-Dimensional Polar Harmonic Transforms for Invariant Image Representation
6.Printed circuit board defect detection using mathematical morphology and MATLAB image processing tools
7.Gamut-adaptive correction in color image processing
8.Quality Grade-Testing of Peanut Based on Image Processing
9.Palm print recognition using log Gabor and comparison with ICA and Neural Network
10.Resistant image watermarking in the phases of the Complex Hadamard Transform coefficients
11.A Method of Image Transform Based on Linear Elements
12.Pixel-based image fusion using wavelet transform for SPOT and ETM+ image
13.Study on the Basic Principle and Image Denoising Realization Method of Curvelet Transform
15.Combined transform image denoising based on morphological component analysis
16.Performance measures for image fusion based on wavelet transform and curvelet transform
17.Performance measures for image fusion based on wavelet transform and curvelet transform
18.Image quality assessment based on nonsubsampled contourlet transform
19.Bessel transform for image resizing
20.Rake transform and edge statistics for image forgery detection
21.Fast interactive segmentation of natural images using the image foresting transform
22.A Novel Image Inpainting Technique Based on Bandelet Transform
23.Image hiding and mining based on the subsection Zadeh-x transform
24. Image splicing detection based on moment features and Hilbert-Huang Transform
25.An efficient GEM model for image inpainting using a new directional sparse representation: Discrete Shearlet Transform
26.Optimization image mosaic algorithm based on optimize Fourier - Mellin Transform
27.Multi scale top-hat transform based algorithm for image enhancement
28.Image denoising with Grouplet transform
29.Joint transform correlator based on joint image feature extraction using swarm intelligence method
30.Aerial image registration using Projective Polar Transform
31.Research on Object Shape Detection from Image with High-Level Noise Based on Fuzzy Generalized Hough Transform
32.Enhancement of color images by scaling Hirschman Optimal Transform coefficients
33.Colour Image Watermarking Algorithm Based on the Arnold Transform


  • shreyasstar
    Well I want to make a project based on OpenCV, nothing fancy, just colour/gesture detection.
    I wanted to ask, is it necessary to use Matlab with it ? What additional functionality does it provide ?
    Also where can I find some good tutorials from scratch ?
    I haven't used Matlab before but I soon will as we have it in the 4th year...

    Also apart from Java Media Framework (JMF) and OpenCV/JavaCV , are there other technologies that can interface with the webcam ?

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