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I'm interested in resource management projects. Any ideas?

It can be waste management though. In godowns resource go waste with no proper protection and care ,so to prevent such things or may be anything that relates to this kind of situations

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Sep 2, 2018

@Megha - the idea you've picked is interesting. Why not go with it? 

I apologise to sound negative.

I have seen food corporation of India godowns in Kerala with rat infestation creating havoc. The building was specially designed with overhanging flooring to prevent Ingres of rats. The entry steps were to be moved out in the night after hours so that the rats cannot enter.

The workers union would not allow the steps to be moved as this was considered additional work.

The rats had a nice highway to go up at night.

It is a nice thing you are attempting to do. Please ensure that a workable scheme does not fail in use because of human indifference.

In the food corporation godown if they could have   installed a mechanical swinging staircase which normally swings up out of the way and is lowered when humans (not rats) approach the location the problem would not have happened.

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