I'm a Crazy < > Engineer - Poll Update

An update as on 29[sup]th[/sup]July 2008.

Number of Voters : 2210 (Unique voters, Unique Vote)

Computer Engineer

685 31%

Mechanical Engineer

478 21.6%

Electronics Engineer

390 17.6%

Electrical Engineer

284 12.9%

Telecommunications Engineer

123 5.6%

Civil Engineer

99 4.5%

Chemical Engineer

47 2.1%

Person interested in Engineering

36 1.6%

Aeronautical Engineer

31 1.4%

Metallurgy Engineer

20 0.9%

Structural Engineer

12 0.5%

Mining Engineer

5 0.2%

Number of Voters : 2210


  • yudi
    assuming that computer engg is interchangeable with information technology.

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