IIT World Ranking Is On Steady Decline - QS Report

The mecca of Indian engineering & technology, the institutes most of you (had) bet your lives on to get into, the revered Indian Institutes Of Technology do not seem to be performing well in the global University rankings. According to #-Link-Snipped-#, between 2009-2013, the IITs have been experiencing a steady decline in the global University rankings. The Quacquarelli Symonds (QS World University Rankings: Top global universities | Top Universities) rankings report suggests that the competitors from the rest of Asia and China have steadily marched in the top 400 rankings, leaving room only for the 5 old IITs in the list. The IITs have taken a beating even in the Asian University rankings; the report suggests.

According to analysis by QS, the five Indian Institutes of Technology have ranked lower than the last year (2012) and have shown a lack of progress since 2009. The report also finds this surprising because the Indian economy was doing well post recession period. In 2009, when the rankings began, IIT-Bombay lead the deck with global rank of 163 and over the last few years, its gone down by a few spots. The experts think that the IITs have increased their research publications, but relatively lower citation rates indicate that they have failed to create a widespread impact within the academic community.


There could be two reasons for the general slide in the IIT rankings. Either the IITs themselves have gone down in terms of the overall appeal or the IITs remained just where they were while the competition took over. Whatever may be the reason, the report may act as an alarm to all the Indian Universities.

The reactions of the people to the TOI article are very interesting. A few of them are blaming it all on the reservations / quota , saying that the reservations policy is killing the brand, while a few opine that the slide is nothing new or surprising. Tech biggies like Quality Of IIT Students Declining - Narayan Murthy - Agree Or Disagree?, founder of Infosys, have also expressed their unhappiness over the quality of IIT education in recent years.

We do not know if people should really bother about the IITs. We should be more concerned that we only have IITs as our candidates in the race. What about other institutions & Universities? They don't seem to make it even to the global 500 list; something to seriously think about. There are several countries of the size of Indian states that have made their Universities rank in the toppers list.

There are lot of questions to be answered - should we be bothered about the rankings at all? If yes, do you think that there's a general decline in students interest in engineering? Many CEans here have opined that the Indian industry doesn't seem to be demanding highly talented engineers these days. What's your take on the issue?


  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Yeah..it's surely declining but we should not panic at this time and we should concentrate on improvements to be made in system.We had a lot of discussion on this topic of "change in education system" & "reservation criteria" but it was not seriously considered by government and that is the problem.We make debate and forget it but we are in no position to amend the changes.Students power is not extracted efficiently.
  • Anand Tamariya
    Anand Tamariya
    SarathKumar Chandrasekaran
    Students power is not extracted efficiently.
    Why don't students demand what they want? Considering the amount of fees they pay, they have every right to ask for changes in the curriculum. Why are they happy scoring marks and getting a degree?
  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Anand Tamariya
    Why don't students demand what they want? Considering the amount of fees they pay, they have every right to ask for changes in the curriculum. Why are they happy scoring marks and getting a degree?
    I want to answer it honestly.So here is it.I don't think we can question them directly without any backup as the admin have bigger power and every student is trying to come out of the institution without any black mark. Considering the economy of student also play a big role in it.They want a quick job after graduation and settle their family.To make it real,the admin should encourage them to be more innovative and help them financially.
  • tanmoya
    its a matter to be bothered. because many institutes in india have opened engineering colleges just for making money (business) and no advancement in the techniques of teaching is provided. and yes reservation quota should be removed, its a major reason for this decline in the ranking of iits. The criteria of selection in iits should be purely on the basis of talent.
  • yogi.bharadwaj
    yeah it is because the students of engineering colleges are not studied for becoming engineer but they study to pass the exams and get the degree only and will get a post and improve the corruption in india. so my dear engineers our field is going to be a place of samefullness for engineers.
  • Albert Alex
    Albert Alex
    its pathetic situation in indian educations

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