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@Ankita Katdare • 23 Apr, 2014 • 3 likes
IIT Madras has been on the forefront of placements in the IITian space when it comes to bagging highest salaries and students getting job offers from dream companies. In the 2014 batch, IIT Madras fetched exceptional performance from its students.

This year, the students of IIT M were offered jobs by 231 companies.
The highest salary package offered in the first phase of placements (by december 2013) was $210,000 a year (by a foreign company) and Rs 48.68 lakh (by an Indian company).
Around 8 students bagged a salary package of $125,000 per year where as 35 students were offered a salary package of Rs 20 lakh per year.

The mechanical engineering department students at IIT Madras looked like a top choice for many companies as about 145 jobs offers were made there. On the other hand, the Computer Science Department saw 90% of its students being successfully placed.

The final placement reports are yet to be out. We will be updating this thread with more on this soon.

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