• The right strategy for each student himself / herself for time management to ensure optimum production. This not only IIT - JEE AIEEE, but other engineering entrance exams and XII board exam enables students to excel.

    Course Structure:
    Right mix of classes, problem solving and doubt clearing sessions. Comprehensive & thoroughly revised study material.

    Periodic tests on the latest JEE pattern. Regular feedbacks & Test analysis sessions Home assignments / Workbook.

    IIT-JEE Archive: Question Bank with Answers.

    Chapter Practice Problems (CPP): On each chapter students will be given chapter practice problems which they have to attempt and submit before the beginning of the next chapter. These solutions will be checked by the faculty members and then would be returned to the students with remarks and suggestions. Thus helping every student to have a very strong command over fundamental conceptual knowledge, which is very crucial for getting Top ranks.

    Class Learning Improvement Program (CLIP): Icing on the cake of every class will be done through Class Learning Improvement Program for those who have completed all assignments to further help them get a higher rank in IIT- JEE, AIEEE & other Engineering Entrance Exams.

    Rank Potential Index / Success Potential Index : We are the only institute in India having the capability to predict Rank Potential Index / Success Potential Index of a student. We constantly encourage our students to emulate their Rank Potential Index / Success Potential Index

    Rank improvement Program of 80 to 100 hrs.

    Additional help for XII Board Exams. Practice Mock Test Papers for XII Board Exam.

    Additional help for AIEEE, Other Engineering Entrance Exam.

    Open Test for IIT-JEE & AIEEE

    Dedicated academic operations team provides feedback at any point of time apart from scheduled parent teachers meetings.


    Classroom contact hours of approx 626 hrs. i.e. 320 hrs. in XI & 306 hours in XII. However, the actual total input provided to the student is more than 800 hours which includes

    Doubt removal sessions

    Rank Improvement Program

    Phase Tests and Tests of All India Test Series
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