IIT Delhi Bans Access To Internet Between 12 PM - 6 AM

IIT Delhi Administration has decided that the students won't be able to use the Internet between 12 AM - 6 AM. The students of IIT Delhi say that the reason given to them is that excessive surfing and gaming during the wee hours has resulted into poor academic performance. “The reason provided to us was that students watch movies or play games online and then do not report for classes on time. They also said that even if students reach do not on time, they do not concentrate on what is being taught in class,” said a final semester student.

What do you think about this?


  • Pensu
    That is awful....they are not 10th standard student, you cant force them to study. They are sincere enough to know what to do and obviously you cant teach someone to concentrate. Internet is not just used for gaming by the students, we get a lot of information out of it and our productive time starts at 11 at night.....😉. I dont think college students should be banned from surfing the internet.
  • PraveenKumar Purushothaman
    PraveenKumar Purushothaman
    This is really stupid... At least they can block the gaming and downloading sites like how they do in the corporates. Don't the students have maturity to understand such things? 😲 Hopeless...
  • Kautilya
    this view could have been ok a few years ago.But these days rich multimedia content is available to students via the internet which can be an aid for them in their studies.
    Of course it is hard to imagine an IITian watching an NPTEL lecture as he/she can watch most of the stuff in real life. But surely he/she can benefit from the myriads of lectures from MIT and stanford.
    Watching games and other objectionable material can be a stress buster but the usage can surely be limited. Six hours straight is addiction not refreshment.

    what the IITs can do instead is block gaming websites(and other unmentionable websites). Since education at IITs is heavily subsidized it is within their rights to ensure that their students don't play warcraft for six hours in the night.
    They can keep that option open on weekends(just in case an IITian wants to do a project related to warcraft😁 ).
  • ShrinkDWorld
    This will not work for long time. Now a days net is not so costly any one can buy good traffic plan from market.
    Again, they are not kids. They have good maturity level as they are admitted in IIT.

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