If you are a politician

Wat u future Engineers think abt todays 😉 POLITICAL????:?:

  • Is that you are satisfied with the thing done by politicians???😒 😛 😔
  • Are you expecting anything more from their side????
  • What do you think about old politicians:sleeping: (do you welcome if we young people become politicians???)
  • What you will do if you become a politician👍 ????
  • Pls share your idea on our India's boon and ban!!!!!!!!(by this half a century independence)


  • desijays
    If I were a politician, there are so many things I would do. Listing them all would be counter productive.

    But one thing I'll do for sure is, enact some kind of law that requires some kind of qualification for all politicians. Not degree-wise. It can come in the form of good experience. Those that don't have neither, should take a test to prove they know enough to be leading the country...

    And as for the state of the current political situation, its not as bad as it used to be. But its still bad enough to warrant time and energy to make it still better.

    As one CE'an used to quote 'All things being done, can be done better'

  • ish_nalini
    All the best for your bright thinking about our nation!!!!!
    If all of them were wise ans care taker like you then no need of this poll....
    Thanks for sharing

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