• vasantha_vignes

    MemberNov 7, 2008

    Idma seminar help

    hiii every one....iam doing a seminar on Interleave-Division Multiple Access(IDMA)...i am not gettin enough supplementary materials for this topic....i jus hav an ieee paper on it tha's all....could any body help me on this ...pls be fast coz i hav to submit this within 2 weeks....i tried a lot searching for this....but no use....plzz help[​IMG]
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  • shaba.ban

    MemberOct 2, 2009

    Hello friend.
    I am also working on IDMA and not getting sufficient stuff.
    I hope that you will surely guide me.
    Thank You
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  • nikithajose

    MemberJul 30, 2011

    hi,me too need help on idma
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