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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Apr 22, 2012

Identify the chemicals used in the experiments in this video

I stumbled upon this awesome video that shows chemistry at work. The video is really cool. Can the Chemical engineers here tell us some more information about the chemicals used and the chemical reactions taking place?

Takes me back to my school days. I had an uncle, who was a sort of maths wiz guy. His record for B.A.(Hons) Mathematics at Madras university established in 1939 ( the results came the day I was born) still stands in his name. He and I used to make all fireworks for diwali ourselves. We used to buy all the ingredients and mix them carefully and pack them. Excellent results. Except once.
We tried a new formula for a firework that was to produce a (rather foul smelling) long black snake. Some thing did not seem right and my uncle said let us beat it out of the room. The mix did not wait to be packed but started spewing out just like the white mass (mess?) in the video. It overflowed the table spread quite a bit and reached half way to the door. All I remember after sixty years is that it had zinc powder, sulphur and some other chemical. It looked more fearsome than it was as the foam was more than 95% air but formed a rigid mass that crumbled to touch.

Good video. Thanks for sharing.

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