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karenclave • Nov 13, 2008

ICs for CAR (back lights)

the switches in dashboard on driver side connected to turn signals,horn,stop lights, tail lamp(for night view) by seperate wire cables.
if the turn signal lamps,stop light and horn are operated at 24V, ~0.5Amps
then is it possible to connect by using single cable in the middle..
i means
using MULTIPLEXER(operate at 5V) at switch side and step down regulator(LM2577) for mux on switches on dashboard side
using DEMUX and step down regulator(LM2576) on back lamp sides??
is it good method or any simple things u know?
Eddy boy
Eddy boy • Nov 13, 2008
Well not bad idea but what are the disadvantages of separate wire cables.why you go in complications ??
karenclave • Nov 13, 2008
i thought coz..
* reducing the cost of cables.
* improving the look
* after completion of this work i would like to concentrate at ADDING MORE there by integrating whole electrical system under one roof!!
this is huge task..
but let us concentrate at my first question!!plzz...

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