ICANN announces 4 new gTLDs viz. شبكة, онлайн, сайт & 游戏

ICANN - the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers has announced the first set of new generic Top Level Domains (gTLD). These four new top level domains will now join the Internet's root zone, which currently is limited to 22 gTLDs. ICANN's new initiative is expected to expand this range to about 1400 new domains or strings like .app, .internet, .travel and so on. The domain name registrars will now be able to initiate the final process to acquire these domains & make them available to consumers. ICANN expects that this new initiative to roll out wider range of gTLDs will result into competition and bring people together.


Following are the details of the new strings available -
  • شبكة (xn--ngbc5azd) – Arabic for "web/network"
    Registry: International Domain Registry Pty. Ltd.
  • онлайн (xn--80asehdb) – Cyrillic for "online"
    Registry: CORE Association
  • сайт (xn--80aswg) – Cyrillic for "site"
    Registry: CORE Association
  • 游戏(xn--unup4y) – Chinese for "game(s)"
    Registry: Spring Fields, LLC

These new domains are the first amongst the upcoming non-Latin scripts like Arabic, Chinese, Greek & Hindi. It's expected that the domains will be made available to the public after a mandatory buffer of about 30 days which will be used by the respective registries to protect the trademark rights.

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