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Ruchika Raghorte
Ruchika Raghorte • Jul 12, 2018

I got 2305 rank in cdac ccat exam plz suggest me which centre I would get

Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Jul 14, 2018

@Ruchika From the general idea of the rankings we have, here's a list -

CDAC ACTS and Knowledge Park: Rank 1-480
Sunbeam, Pune - Ranks 300-900
IACSD Pune: 800-2000
CDAC Hyderabad -

  • Rank for PG-DESD is 1-300.
  • Rank for PG-DAC is 700-1600.
  • Rank for PG-DSSD is 700-1200.

C-DAC Mumbai Rank 800-2000 depending on course and institute)

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