I don't know what to do anymore, please help


I need some useful advices please help me, I'm from Algeria, finished my studies two years ago, engineer in cs, I'm working as a programmer in php, but I'm only using a pseudo language created by my manager and based on php, I feel that I'm learning nothing, only HIS platform and I don't have access to all its parts, I'm even forgetting what I've learnt! I'm tired of this job, seriously if it wasn't for money I would quit, and my question guys is what should I do?? I feel like I know nothing! I once wanted to be an Oracle DBA so I studied alone but decided that I won't try the certification exam until I'm sure that I'll continue on this path, I feel lost, can you please guide me? tell me what's on the market, should I get back to java programming? or learn python or dot net? I'm so confused, I can't believe that I left myself sink to this situation
I really hope that you can give me useful advices, I'm asking people around me and all I see is that everyone is feeling as lost as me 😔

Thanks, and sorry for the complaints
Best regards,


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Hey yassou, welcome to CE. With a background in CS and PHP experience, there's nothing to worry at all. The first step to make a change is to identify the domain you'd like to make your career in. If you're fascinated by any of the programming languages; you should focus your attention and start building your skills part time. No one can advice you which language to pick - as it has to by in sync with your interests.

    The second step would be to build some expertise in it - which can be done by working on open source products in the domain of your interest. Once you're confident of your skills, start looking for a job and I'd highly recommend targeting startup companies. They may not offer more salary than what you're making, but no company can offer you the skills your'll develop working for a startup.

    I'm quite excited to see the developments going on with PHP. If you can't quit your current job; there are thousands of projects in the open source world where you can hone your skills.

    I hope this helps and gives your the initial kick that you need. We're always here to help 😀
  • yassou
    Oh thank you so much, I thought that my question was so stupid that it wasn't even worth replying
    I don't know which language I really like, I did many trainings so different from one another, at each time I thought that I've found what I was looking for, I did some business intelligence, java programming, oracle administration and then php programming, you see I'm not even sure on the field I should follow
    You're totally right, I think I should focus on PHP and work on open source projects, at least I'll give it a go and see afterwards
    I'm always targeting startups, hence those different experiences (each time the company went bankruptcy :s ) I just need to choose what to do for once, so far I was taking what was offered to me because I had to work, I believe that choosing what's needed the most by the market will make me feel more at ease
    Thanks again for your advices, you motivated me, I think that I need a mentor 😀
    Any other advices are welcome I need some kicks in the a** and get a hold of myself to plan my carrier seriously

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