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I competed my BE from cse but my programming is not good.

I just completed my engineering in cse but i have no confidence on my subjects. Should i join any classes or what should i do plz guide me. 

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Dec 18, 2018

Welcome to CrazyEngineers, Govind. I believe joining classes is not going to help. Since you are from the CSE background, it's essential for you to start working on your programming skills. That's the thing that will matter when it comes to placements. 

I'd also recommend you to find out if you really wish to get into technical field for career. There are other avenues open - like getting a diploma in Marketing / Sales or Finance and make a career in those domains. 

The first thing to decide is to figure out what kind of jobs you'd like to apply for and make a career in. Your path will be decided by that decision. I hope this helps. Your follow up questions can be added below. 

Mohit G
Mohit G • Jan 7, 2019

@govind kumar pathak have you looked at the option of software testing? You can become a quality assurance engineer without coding knowledge.

How to start for software testing

Yash Shukla
Yash Shukla • Jan 7, 2019

India is one of the largest democracy in the world with lots of crazy engineers like you & me. Find your place, learn the hustle concept & join the game. oh & yes. Always be learning. Let me know what you can do in the penetration testing &/or python cause I've been into forming up a white-hat internet army from the surface web.

Yash Shukla
Yash Shukla • Jan 7, 2019

Find a purpose to learn, That will make the job a lot easier and you'll get more than you expect. been there, Done That.

Yash Shukla
Yash Shukla • Jan 7, 2019

As far as getting better at the programming skills is concerned. You can join courses on Udemy and other platforms too. take time into finding your best material and later nail it with your dedication. But never forget. It must start with a purpose. I was kind of in your situation in my early days after engineering. Like Master of nothing and jack of everything kind, it was fun but I had to come out & make a difference & make my living out of it. I started searching & searching & learning from PDF's, Youtube videos, here and there. not only I mastered search engines, but I also got better into my knowledge field that i felt very powerful. True story that I got my first job by chance. later I quit the job and became a freelancer & have been doing sales with people & corporations from all walks of life. Life is to hustle & learn because that makes you feel alive and hungry.

Thanks... And i start learning python and i like it. 

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