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I am thinking to change my field from core Electrical to software testing field, is it right decision?

Question asked by Deepak kumar in #Software Testing on Jun 10, 2018
Deepak kumar
Deepak kumar · Jun 10, 2018

Hello all,

I am a 2012 passed out EEE graduate and completed M.Tech in 2016 aged 28. Currently I am working in a PLC automation field , but problems I am facing is Six days working that too overtime from 9am to 7pm..and the work I am doing is  machine automation, when ever the machine goes problem we need to attend it at any point of time, even our managers at the age of  40 , 45 they work for company late night ,leaving the family joy...only Sundays I am getting holiday... sometimes this Sunday also eaten by company emergency work....I fedup with this kind of work ..I am not able think out of the company work , not able to enjoy with friends , family... Even for one day leave also , we need to ask them as a begger...........

when I compare me with mine EEE classmates those who  taken software testing course and working in software testing field are all happy now ,earning big salary compared to me...and upmost thing I liked is 5 days working , it is beautiful........I am planning to use these two days to do some business , if it's not work then no need to worry ...i can give this time to my family.......That's why I am thinking, let change the field now it's not too late.. u will get 5 days working in entire future ..and I know salary will be less now, at starting...but it will increase as I am getting experience...... finally please suggest me what I am thinking is wright or wrong ? ...and choosing a software testing field is better or not at this age?

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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · Jun 10, 2018
Rank A1 - PRO

Welcome to CrazyEngineers, @Deepak‍ . Good to see that you've described your situation in detail. It's never too late to change, but what matters is your state of mind - and absolute clarity on making the switch. 

You've figured out most of the part on your own; and I think you're thinking in the right direction. I'd however recommend you to understand what kind of work is involved in software QA. Our fellow CEan @saandeep‍ can talk about his experience of working in QA domain for several years now. 

My question is - have you taken time to understand what it takes to be a QA? You'll have to pick up automation testing as well to find a decent job. Are you prepared to dedicate time to acquire new skill? 

I've personally known several QA folks who've been spending their every alternate weekend in offices for years now. If you think you'll enjoy working in QA domain, you should make the switch. 

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