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I am Himanshu Interested in Research how we able to store computer data in air

Question asked by netgurusolution in #Coffee Room on Jun 3, 2010
netgurusolution · Jun 3, 2010
I am working in a process of storing digital data in AIR rather then it to store in Hard Disk or other physical media and I already solved many problems of physics and its Limits. The first problem is how I hold the data in form of waves or Frequency for undefined times, but suddenly I found the solution in nature – because energy need storage like electricity need big batteries for storage and transformers for transformation purpose. The Plants are the solution of my Question…..

Himanshu Bala
NetguruSolution Posted in: #Coffee Room
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · Jun 3, 2010
Rank A1 - PRO
Hello and welcome to CE, Himanshu. This section is for introductions only. Maybe you could start a thread with detailed description of your idea in our CS/IT Engineering section.

Tell us more about yourself. How did you discover CE? What was your first impression and what made you join? We look forward to active participation from you.
Sahithi Pallavi
Sahithi Pallavi · Jun 3, 2010
Rank A2 - PRO
Welcome to CE Himanshu! 😀

Glad to have you here. Keep an active participation with us.
gohm · Jun 3, 2010
Rank A3 - PRO
Welcome to CE!
mohit007kumar00 · Jun 4, 2010
Rank B2 - LEADER
welcome to CE himanshu.
netgurusolution · Jun 4, 2010
Thanks Pallavi................. i 'll inform you my next R&D updates

Thanks ................ i 'll inform you my next R&D updates.... see my blog for details AN IDEA OF STORING COMPUTER DATA IN ATMOSPHARE..Part 1

Thanks ................... Mohit
netgurusolution · Jun 4, 2010
Thanks To All............

Technical Problems

i) Restoring and reducing loss of transmitted radio Frequency for indefinite time in atmosphere.

Think this problem like: If I press save button for this file and the data is transmitted to atmosphere, then how the nature can hold my saved file just like my hard disk.

ii) How we generate required radio frequency from micro device transmitter attached with computer or transmitter system and is this cost effective.

iii) Finding the correct data for receiving from big pollution of transmitted radio frequencies, this also leads to data hacking.

Think this problem like: If I want to open my same file that I already transmitted to the atmosphere, where many other peoples already transmitted their files in form of radio frequency just like me, this generate big problem for this project.

iv) Generating correct protocol for transmission of data.

v) Receiving of stored radio frequencies transmitted from another place.

Think this problem like: If I save this file from my house by my hard disk less laptop. Then how can I receive the same file in my laptop after reaching my Office.

?Then is this always be the Fantasy for human being that one day he will able to store computer data in hard disk less laptops by sending it to broad atmosphere.

The answer is no, there is a possibility in our mother nature for not only holding all your computer data, but also transmit from one place to another. That means we are talking about hard disk less data storage and long distance wire less communication without installing costly radio towers or satellites or broadband cables.

The Question is how?
This is really bit interesting for all you readers.
sumith123 · Jun 4, 2010
Rank C3 - EXPERT
hey am new in this forum

any way hardly welcomes you

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