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atyanand • Oct 10, 2015

I am confused what to do after BTech.

I got 75% in btech. But my college was not good enough to give us placement. So in order to get job in wch sector should i go ....... I m totally confused. Some frnds r telling to do dot net. Some r saying go for embedded system. Plzzzz help me
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 10, 2015
@atyanand - welcome to CrazyEngineers. What you should do after B.Tech would typically be decided by what you really want to achieve in life. Once your goal is set, the decision making will be very easy.

If getting a job is your priority, you should decide which field you'd like to make your career in and then start your efforts in that direction. If you wish to get into embedded systems then you might want to take up a course in that domain. If you wish to get into .net development; you will have to take up a course in .net programming.

If you are undecided about which field to choose; then you should start exploring various domains you can get into and see which one looks most interesting. The scope and future growth in any domain will be the same for you.
Abhishek Rawal
Abhishek Rawal • Oct 10, 2015
@atyanand Buddy, everyone will tell you their opinion. Some will tell you learn .net or Java or php and you'll have bright future and all that shit. But the fact is, most people will tell you what to do, they never did it.

Clear out your brain, take sometime and think about what you like doing, what you enjoying doing, and try to switch to that domain.
I am interested in Embedded Linux but I am keep getting calls/opportunity to join as a Linux Sysadmin, but I can't compromise now. At one moment, I too felt like I should switch to Sysadmin but I certainly can't.

What I wanna say is, select the domain in which you like to work, not because someone who himself is uncertain about his future tells you to do some shit. I have seen here once a small pastiwala is now roaming his vans all over city and earning a lot.
So, if he can, we can too. Just switch to domain in which you like to work, 'cuz sooner or later if you're not working in the field you like, you're surely gonna get bored.
atyanand • Oct 11, 2015
U r right sir, but i want to secure my career. I m belong to vry poor family . if i took wrong steps my whole family will suffer
atyanand • Oct 11, 2015
Sir in ece i dont hv any idea. For shake of my parents i hv choose this field. I m interested in telecomunication and order to go in this field what should i do...

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