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Hydrogenesis Is a Ferry Powered By Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Question asked by Ambarish Ganesh in #Coffee Room on May 23, 2012
Ambarish Ganesh
Ambarish Ganesh · May 23, 2012
Rank B1 - LEADER
A passenger ferry running on a hydrogen fuel cell is geared up to ferry passengers and vacationers about the Bristol Harbour. The fuel cell on Hydrogenesis, as the boat is called, will utilize hydrogen and oxygen to generate energy, leaving heat and water as by-products. The zero-emission vessel developed by Bristol Hydrogen Boats will derive their be power from a 12kW hydrogen fuel cell that shall elevate the ship's speed to six to ten knots. Air Products shall render the hydrogen fuel and the refueling infrastructure.


Jas Singh, managing director of Auriga Energy and designer of the fuel cell, elucidated that Auriga Energy is accountable for progressing the boat’s power management block. He believes that Hydrogenesis should suffice to demonstrate that similar fuel-cell technology could be employed to power larger boats. This 12 seater shall assist Maritime Coastal Agency in formulating regulations for bigger boats. It's just a matter of time before diesel becomes history, and then huge ships will have to be powered through such technologies. The discussions regarding the larger boats are underway with the operators, and a positive outcome should be expected in the next 3-4 years he says. Posted in: #Coffee Room

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