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Hydrogen fuel

Question asked by mijumcn in #Coffee Room on Jun 14, 2011
mijumcn · Jun 14, 2011
is that possible to mix a little amount of hydrogen with gasoline , please tell the chemical affinity of them Posted in: #Coffee Room
techfresh · Jun 14, 2011
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HI mijumcn,

It is possible to mix hydrogen with oxygen but the amount of hydrogen mixing must of low quantity other wise it may cause an explosion, hydrogen is usually mixed at the intake of air and gasoline mixture,it will results in a good quality combustion.This is more energy efficient because it saves energy by reducing the amount of engine pumping needed,Also the mixture of hydrogen with gasoline results in the lower NOx emission.

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amulgrace · Aug 24, 2011
The process of using a mixture of hydrogen and conventional hydrocarbon fuel in an internal combustion leads to Hydrogen fuel enhancement.An ecologically-friendly fuel which uses electrochemical cells or com busts in internal engines to power vehicles and electric devices ..If you want to find the suppliers of Hydrogen fuel plz click the link below Search Results For Products By Name: [ Hydrogen fuel ]
Alloyau · Nov 13, 2011
Regarding hydrogen as fuel.
The only working example I have seen is at unitednuclear.dotcom
This is Bob Lazars company, the products is a tube filled with Hydrogen under no pressure. The tube is made of a metal that sucks up hydrogen the same way a sponge sucks up water. When heating the tubes to a point bellow 60 degrees celsius the metal releases the hydrogen. His car is run by only hydrogen, under no pressure. There is absolutely no risk for explosion.

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