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sargamsp • Aug 31, 2008

Hydro Turbines

I am in 7th semester and doing a project on designing turbines.
can anyone recommend some good books on this topic?
also i would like to know about some softwares which will allow me to model a turbine and visualize the flow inside in it.

any help is highly appreciated.
gohm • Aug 31, 2008
here's some books to get you started. Do a search for a lot more info.

CANRen, Micro-Hydropower Systems - A Buyer's Guide Chapallaz, Eichenberger, Fischer, Manual on Pumps Used as Turbines, part of Harnessing Water Power on a Small Scale, volume 11 Curtis, Dan; Billy Langley; and Richard Ramsey, Going with the flow: Small Scale Water Power Made Simple Davis, Scott, Micro-hydro: Clean Power from Water Fraenkel, Paish, Bokalders, Harvey, Brown, Edwards, Micro-hydro power, A guide for development workers Hamm, Hans W., Low cost development of small water power sites Harvey, Adam, Micro-hydro design manual, A guide to small-scale water power schemes Holland, Ray, Micro Hydro Electric Power Inversin, Allen R., Micro-Hydropower Sourcebook : A Practical Guide to Design and Implementation in Developing Countries Khennas, Smail and Andrew Barnett, Best practices for sustainable development of micro hydro power in developing countries Meier, Local experience with micro-hydro technology Meier, Arter, Hydraulics Engineering Manual, part of Harnessing Water Power on a Small Scale, volume 2 Nakarmi, Bachmann, New Himalayan Water Wheels Nakarmi, Bachmann, Multi-Purpose Power-Unit, with horizontal water turbine, Basic information Ovens, William G., A Design Manual for Water Wheels Penche, Celso, Layman's guide on how to develop a small hydro site Smith, Nigel, Motors as Generators for Micro-Hydro Power Tacke, J., Hydraulic rams - a comparative investigation Thake, Jeremy, The Micro-hydro Pelton Turbine Manual, Design Manufacture and Installation for Small-scale Hydropower Watt, S.B., A Manual on the Hydraulic Ram for Pumping Water Williams, Arthur, Pumps as Turbines: A user's guide

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