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@ramana_slv • 10 Jul, 2010
how to move images one by one ?

plz give me reply with an example................................
@Morningdot Hablu • 11 Jul, 2010 Re: Html

I think we can't do this just by html we must take some help of some script language like PHP,JAVA SCRIPT,JAVA etc.

Correct me if i am wrong.
@rishi0922 • 11 Jul, 2010 Re: Html

yes ramana you can move the images one by one in html only......../

see this coding and try it by your own......

<body bgcolor="pink">
<marquee behavior="alternate" bgcolor="yellow" > </img> </img></marquee>

and in this example you can give the values by your own and you can also add some more tags and make it beautiful. You can also make all the images as some link and move it ......./
ok all the best ........./
@Sahithi Pallavi • 11 Jul, 2010 Re: Html

hey rishi, its working. Thanks!
And now, I want to move the images from left, I can change the behavior as left. But I don't want the empty space between the first image and the last image while scrolling. I want the continuous scrolling.
Can you tell me what to do?
@ramana_slv • 11 Jul, 2010 Re: Html

Thank you rishi. It's working.
@Morningdot Hablu • 11 Jul, 2010
how to move images one by one ?
hey buddy i talk about the appearing images one by one.
are you sure rishi answer that what you talking about.
Realy i don't understand moving images one by one right left and together or what.
@rishi0922 • 11 Jul, 2010 hey mohit he is talking about moving the images not about appearing the images one by one............/
for making the images to appear one by one we have to use javascript......../
@Manish Goyal • 11 Jul, 2010 • 1 like Mohit This is script for what you are looking for?

<script type="text/javascript">
function change_header()
function mr()
function mri()

<body onload="change_header()">
<center><img src="" id="pic"></center>
@rishi0922 • 11 Jul, 2010 Thanks Goyal it really worked......../
@jhbalaji • 11 Jul, 2010 • 1 like If you guys have to play more
Just try jQuery!
It's really a great framework for JavaScript 😀
@Morningdot Hablu • 11 Jul, 2010 • 1 like Thanks goyal it's working.

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