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HP Launches Archetype Devices-as-a-Service Platform For Indian Enterprises

Facing heightened consumer demands, IT and customer-facing teams are under pressure to deliver faster, more personalized experiences, and this is where Devices-as-a-Service-Platform comes in. HP Inc recently introduced the platform for Indian Enterprises. HP DaaS incorporates services, support and eventual disposal as part of one overall services agreement unlike a conventional leasing agreement that covers PC acquisition, setup and maintenance under separate contracts. Organizations can now enjoy more predictable annual costs and greater ease having to manage just one contract during their entire PC lifecycle.


The PCs are visioned to be used as utilities by the organizations where they pay one price per seat on a monthly basis over a three or four year period. There is provision for customised services and support from HP such as PC configuration and software installation, onsite break-fix, data migration, and proactive support with customers being able to upgrade to the latest HP devices across commercial desktops, notebook PCs and tablets for subsequent contract periods; HP President Richard Bailey was quoted as saying.

DaaS, first implemented at Maruti Suzuki in India, covers secure and responsible disposal of PCs, a final phase in the PC lifecycle that is often overlooked and risks the leak of sensitive information.

The services go a long way to ensure digital transformation for customised business needs and more targeted consumer experiences.

Source: Gadgets360

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