HP Envy 17 Specs Bring You A Built-in Leapmotion Controller

Leapmotion has been making news everywhere since its introductory video was launched. But when people had the device delivered to them, there wasn't the right kind of talk that the company had expected. Being buggy on terms of detecting the gestures, users posted bad reviews around the web. The company wasn't late though with distributing its first software update which included many bug fixes and improvements. Leapmotion was in talks with Asus and HP of embedding this device in their upcoming laptops and now HP has finally revealed their product with the controller.

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The HP Envy 17 now comes with the leapmotion controller right beside the touchpad and below the keyboard. It is a long black strip along with the finger print reader and has the perfect position according to the hand. The original device is bulky compared to the embedded version making it half the size. The laptop is priced at $1050 and the device would be entering other laptops too. Inserting them into ultrabooks may be a hassle considering the form factor of the device while integrating it into the board, but would be available on other range of laptops. The controller has been placed at the perfect position under the keyboard where the hand can be used for making those gestures, giving you the sci-fi feeling while using the laptop.

Though the device hasn't yet been able to replace the handheld input devices like the mouse but developers are trying to find out ways to totally get rid of it and use the laptops and desktops hands free. Currently most of the users are more of enthusiasts who wanted to get around the device and have fun, so the utility now hasn't been defined for the controller. Users now only try out games and other apps which feel awesome through hand gestures.

So what do you think, is embedding the leapmotion controller without any idea of its basic utility defined justified? What are the possible things you would do as a developer? What will you use this device for when available commercially?

Update: HP just released their official video for the laptop below.

Source: Here's the First Laptop with Leap Motion Built Right In


  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Its a awesome idea of controlling our pc.It wipl create a raw feeling of handling.If I am gamer,I will dedinitely give a try to it incase it satisfies the precision handling and accuracy.

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