• A new line of printers is being been show-cased at MacWorld 2012 by Hewlett Packard (HP). The main goal of these printers is to serve small businesses and home offices. The main attraction of the show-case was HP’s Wireless Direct which prints the documents/images from an iOS device through AirPrint even if the name and password of the local wireless network is not known. This ePrint feature is now in-built in all of HP’s printers which makes features like wireless printing, printing documents via e-mail from anywhere and retrieve the documents directly from the cloud. The good thing thing is that this ePrint feature has support for Apple’s AirPrint standard because of which iPads and iPhones will also be able to print to a networked printer that too without any setup, configuration or installation of any drivers.

    Connecting to a Laserjet using Wireless Direct

    Now, AirPrint’s pre-requisite is that the printer accessible over the network must be an iOS device which makes it necessary for the name and password to be known. But these details are not available always. That’s where Wireless Direct comes into picture which makes the process easier. Wireless Direct-enabled printers transmit their own SSID. iOS devices can thus connect with the printers even if the wireless network details are not known. The main application of Wireless Direct would be in small businesses where they don’t require to share the network passwords. Wireless Direct apart from working with iPads and iPhones also works on computers running different Operating Systems like Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.
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