• Kaustubh


    MemberJan 23, 2014

    How's Motorola Customer Care / Service In India?

    I personally look forward to the launch of Motorola Moto G phone in India. I've had bad experience with Motorola's customer care several years ago; but I'm sure the company evolved in the last few years. But post Google acquisition; does the company offer dedicated customer care centres in India? Or has it outsourced all of it to the third party vendors?

    Would love to hear from the current customers of Motorola.
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  • Sushant Kumar

    MemberJan 24, 2014

    Motorola was having very good grip over the market but due to its poor customer service it was not able to cope up in the market . As market of Motorola dropped out from India first perspective of the company is to make their product successful and then only they are planning to improve their customer service but presently it will be outsourced by third party vendors only
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