How valve timing cams are manufactured ?

hi guys many previous post says about camless engine but i have a doubt how these ordinary valve timing cams are manufactured. ya we learned to draw cam profiles but how these are manufactured with respect to rotation of crank. mostly they both are connected by chain drive with 1:2 ratio speed. how these perfect lobes on cam are made for the valves. what if i want it at 1:1 ratio speed. pls reply.


  • tufel
    recently in an industrial interface i was able 2 see how the inlet & exhaust valve opens. the cam is connected with the follower. the same is connected to the push rod to the rocker arm to the spring when the camshaft rotates the arrangement compresses & expands the spring that makes the valve open at regular intervals
  • gohm
    I'm assuming you are refering to roller cams and not flat-tappet or hydraulic lifter type? Lobe lift, pattern & seperation angle all determine cam performance. They are usually made of cast or billet steel. Flat appet lifters cannot be reused or removed, whereas roller cam ones can.
  • 6nv6
    im sorry but what is cam engine? 😕
  • gohm
    Cams operate the valves of an internal combustion enigine using lobs on a shaft power by a timing gear.
  • shiv200887
    But how cams are manufactured? which technique will they use to machine the cam with such a great accuracy?
  • gohm
    they are normally cast or billet

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