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upgrade • Mar 29, 2008

how USB is detected in PC?????

HEYYY friends can anyone please tel me how exactly r USB's detected in PCs..
also r there any drivers that r needed?
if so where can i get the code for writing these drivers?
in which language to write them?
i want it to run on symbian nokia to write them?
basically i'm aiming for detecting USB from cel phone by connecting it to datchord and also browsing the USB..
MaRo • Apr 5, 2008
To write a device driver you need the detailed specification of the device & the SDK of the platform you are writing the driver for.

Just get the specification of the device you want & Symbian OS has good tutorials & stuff for how to develop on it.

Language is according platform but I think as long as it is on cell phones it's Java, on Windows I wrote a driver for my camera it didn't work but It put me on the start of how everything works, I wrote in C & little assembly.
loraandbush • Apr 11, 2008
OS detect USB automatically.

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