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@Kaustubh Katdare • 03 Apr, 2013 • 1 like
Tata Sky has developed an android/ios mobile app that turns your phone into Tata Sky remote. You can perform all the actions via your mobile that you can do with your regular remote control. This is a small guide for everyone who's looking to try it out. The first step is to understand the overall setup. The Tata Sky remote communicates with your Set Top Box via IR (Infra-Red) signal. Most mobiles do not have IR port and hence you'll need a special accessary called 'MP3 Mobile Accessory' sold separately by Tata Sky (check update). It's a simple IR transmitter that fits into the standard headphone port (3.5mm) and converts your mobile phone into remote.

Download the Tata Sky App: First, you will have to download the tatasky app from Google Play store (link below). Once installed on your phone, attach your MP3 Mobile Accessory to your phone's headphone port. You are now good to go. Simply load the remote interface from your app and point the IR transmitter towards your set-top box, just like you do with the regular remote. Enjoy all the functions of your remote now via your mobile.

Pro Tip: Note that the IR signal depends on the audio signal of your phone and it's recommended that for the best performance, keep the volume level of your phone to maximum.

Update: Tata Sky has mentioned that they're developing an updated version of the App for iOS and Android platforms which will no longer require the MP3 accessory. It's likely that they're connecting the channel menu to the central server to which the app will connect. Once you keep your phone's data connection on, the signals from your mobile will be directly sent to the server and then to your set-top box wirelessly, eliminating the need of a special accessory.

If anyone of you is using their android mobile as remote with this accessory, please let me know how well it functions. The user reviews on the official app page are pretty bad and TataSky has discontinued the separate sale of the MP3 accessary.

Official Page:
@Ankita Katdare • 12 Feb, 2015 Tried running this app on my Android phone yesterday. It was a 22.5 MB Download.

The app was shutting down automatically. Was trying to use the 'EveryWhere TV' feature but it just didn't work. Has anyone tried using the app?
@Ankita Katdare • 10 Oct, 2015 If anyone is looking for it, here's the official TATA Sky Remote User Guide -
@Kaustubh Katdare • 11 Oct, 2015 Just in case if anyone's looking for a mobile app to be used as remote for Tata Sky, here you go:

1. Tata Sky Mobile on the App Store
2. Tata Sky Mobile - Android Apps on Google Play

Note: I'm a Tata Sky user but warn you that their services are p.a.t.h.e.t.i.c. I've heard the same opinion about almost every other DTH operator in India. So basically we are all screwed! 😔
@Kaustubh Katdare • 19 Oct, 2015 Update: I tried installing the Tata Sky App for Android on my mobile and uninstalled it within a day. I strongly feel that the app isn't ready yet. Looking forward to experiences of others wanting to use their mobile as remote for Tata Sky.
@Ankita Katdare • 08 Jan, 2016 I just checked the Tata Sky Mobile app for my android phone. The reviews are surprisingly TOO bad. Thousands have given it a 1 star rating. I went ahead and installed it anyway just to be sure. The layout is not good at all. The app started crashing when I clicked on the menu. I could not check the subscribed channels on my app. I decided to keep it so that I'd have to use the recharge function, but it turns out that functionality too has very poor reviews.
@lone_ligent • 29 Jan, 2016 Change channels
@Ankita Katdare • 30 Oct, 2017
Change channels
I think we can now change channels on the Tata Sky Remote app running on a smartphone as well. Not sure though. Can someone confirm?
@Nayeem Abdul • 15 Aug, 2018 • 1 like

I lost the remote control tata sky DTH so I need help to use my iPhone mobile to on my TV KINDLY help me out 

@Kaustubh Katdare • 15 Aug, 2018

@Nayeem - have you tried downloading the app on your iPhone:

@Ramani Aswath • 16 Aug, 2018 • 2 likes

Say ta ta to Tata app.

My solution (put in many years back): Stop watching TV. Has worked for me non stop.

@Teja Reddy • 24 Feb, 2020 • 1 like

The Tata Sky Mobile App is now available on both iOS & Android. This app is supported on Android version 2.3, iOS 4.3 or higher and is customized for both Phones and Tablets.
The older version allowed Tata Sky subscribers to use the app as a universal remote with the use of a dongle. In Phase 2 subscribers are allowed to use the app as a remote control for the set-top box directly without requiring a dongle. This remote sends commands to the set-top box over the home Wi-Fi network, hence you need internet to access the programme guide, remote record and all other sections. This feature Features:


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