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    How to uninstall flash from OSX Mavericks?

    Adobe Flash is a battery eater and not recommended on OSX powered computers. If you won own a mac and want to uninstall Adobe Flash completely from your system, merely deleting the files from Applications may not be the right way to do it. I found that the most appropriate way to uninstall flash has be provided by Adobe, by downloading a flash uninstaller.

    • Visit: Uninstall Flash Player for Mac OS
    • Verify that the page identifies the flash version installed on your machine. If flash is not present, the window will show a blank page.
    • Download the most appropriate flash uninstaller version (Click on 'Apple' -> About this Mac and note the OSX version running).
    • Double-click on the flash uninstaller (it should be in the Downloads folder of your system) and run the uninstaller.
    • The uninstaller will ask you to force quit all browsers. It's necessary for the uninstaller to work. Save your work / tabs and quit safari and other browsers.
    • The uninstaller will complete the process and remove all the traces of Adobe Flash from your system.
    Enjoy better battery life on your Mac! Life's awesome.
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