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@lila • 15 Nov, 2009
How to tranfer the money from one account to another account through online? Is it possible? What are the requirements for it?

I want to know how can we able to transfer the money from one account to another account through online ..?
@Kaustubh Katdare • 15 Nov, 2009 Of course its possible. Just login to your bank account and check for the 'payments'/'transfers'/'third party transfers' tab. Or better, get in touch with your bank 😀
@Manish Goyal • 15 Nov, 2009 with the advancement of technology it is very simple...
I am sure you must know about it...most of the banks today are providing this facility
through their websites
@Guttu • 18 Nov, 2009 You'll need the account number you want to transfer the money and the IFSC code of the bank where that account is. Then goto your bank and fill a slip of money transfer. Normally it happens within minutes.

I haven't tried it through web interface of my bank account. And when I log into my account I don't find such option. Bank is HDFC.
@callyD • 22 Nov, 2009 If you have net banking facility, you can transfer money to any account. The bank will tell you what exactly is needed to get the funds there.
@tdave • 08 Mar, 2010 If you can't find such option. Most probably it not available for the moment.You should check every link to find out and if still can't find it.Call the customer service. Transfering money online is just normal banking facility nowdays.

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