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@Kaustubh Katdare • 04 Nov, 2010
Hello CEans,

Here's a quick guide on setting up BSNL 3G Data Card in uBuntu 10.10 -

1. The Easy Way -

Plug -in your data card into your laptop's USB drive. You will see that the BSNL 3G LW272 icon on your desktop. Double click on it and you will find uBuntu 3G dialer. Right click on the appropriate file and install it using uBuntu software center.

Now starts the 'luck' part -

Go to the Applications -> Internet -> and click on 'BSNL 3G'. The dialer will open. Click on the 'Connect' button (available in the second tab).

PS: This way didn't work for me. I kept on getting 'Choose Default Profile' message even after selecting it from the network settings. Interestingly, I could not enter anything in the profile settings page on the dialer.

2. The Geek way (works!) -

With your BSNL 3G Data Card plugged in, click on the Network icon in the taskbar (top right corner of your screen). You should find a new connection detected.

Click it. The connection setup wizard will launch. Proceed with it and enter obvious details. When you are on the screen where you're presented with the option to enter the APN, make sure that the APN is right. You can get information from BSNL customer care for APN. If you're located in Maharashtra, the APN is bsnlnet.

That's it, complete the setup wizard and you'll have your new setup ready. Just click on the network icon again and dial the connection. You'll get connected with 3G without any problem!

Let me know if you have questions! I'll try my best to answer in this thread 😀
@pmnirmal • 10 Nov, 2010 Hi The_Big_K,

I am from Kerala. I am using BSNL's 3G data card ( manufactured by Teracom). I have been using it on Windows. Now I am trying to use and learn Linux. So I have installed Ubuntu 10.10 which I got from PCQuest Magazine's CD. When I plug-in the datacard into the USB port nothing happens. No icons appear on the desktop. So I could not follow the 'The easy way' procedure you mentioned. Next I tried 'The Geek way' too. I noted down the details of configuration from the Windows dialing software for the modem. I entered all the details but I couldn't connect to the interned. A pop-up comes up and says 'Broadband is disconnected' and disappears after a few seconds.

I am not very much familiar with Linux. But I had formerly tried to connect my internet connection on my BSNL WLL phone successfully on Fedora. I had to struggle with wvdial, wvdialconf, lsusb etc. Though I do not have any deep knowledge with these commands. I just experimented based on some articles and discussions on the internet. I thought I would try the same route. But unfortunately, I found wvdial is not installed on Ubuntu 10.10 ! So I am stuck. It says, that I may download it from the repository. But without a working internet connection, how can I ?

Can you please guide me?

Thank you,

@Kaustubh Katdare • 10 Nov, 2010 @pmnirmal: uBuntu no longer has wvdial. In fact, everything you need is right there in the task bar. All you need to do is just plug-in and enter only the "APN" setting. Everything else should be left as it is. For access from Kerala, try the following setting -

-> Number: *99#
-> APN:

Username & Password should be left blank.

Let me know if this works.
@enigmaguy • 07 Mar, 2011 a big thank you 😀
@PraveenKumar Purushothaman • 07 Mar, 2011 Guys, when you are using BSNL's any broadband service, please be sure to switch to Google Public DNS, so that your internet experience will be better. 😀
Instructions: Google Public DNS Enjoy! 😀
@Kaustubh Katdare • 07 Mar, 2011
a big thank you 😀
You're welcome. 😀
@bharat_mystique • 15 Jul, 2011 I might be asking the question at wrong place but still could you please help me. I am using BSNL 3G data card with Ubuntu 10.10, but every now and then it disconnects itself after some time and I have to reconnect it manually. Its quite a headache as all my downloads stops and I have to start downloading again. Also, first day the speed I got was around 150-200 Kbps and now its hardly touching 50Kbps. Could you tell me any way in which I could get stable connectivity and better internet experience.
Thank You !!
@ddmetro • 02 Aug, 2011 Hi

I am trying to configure BSNL 3G Data Card on Ubuntu 10.04, but am not able to do so.

I tried sakis3g script after installing - usb_modswitch and usb_modswitch_data

I am able to see the GUI prompting for

1. Choose Action for Sakis3g Script to follow: Connect with 3g
2. Select modem category that best fits your 3G modem: USB Device
3. Select USB Device that provides modem capabilities: HSPA something
4. Choose an interface: 1, 3, 5 (only 3 works for me)
5. Select APN that best describes your connection: bsnlnet
6. Username required by APN: 1
7. One more similar field: 1

After this a message appears: HSPA Modem connected to BSNL 3G(40466)

8. Then it shows a window - 'Choose action for Sakis3g script to follow'
(a) Disconnect
(b) Connection Information
(c) Create shortcut
(d) More options
(e) About SAKIS3G

I am able to reach till here, but still the network connection in the taskbar shows - 'No networks detected'

Also when I click option (b) in Step 8, it disconnects.

I am struggling with this since 3 days, with no avail

Kindly help and pour in suggestions to resolve this issue

Dhiraj P.
@Ishwar Malvi • 10 Dec, 2012 Hi Bro,
i am using Dual Boo (Win 7 + Ubuntu )......i am using BSNL Sim in IDEA NET SETTER in working condition in Win 7.....i also configure in Ubuntu 12.10 .it state connected status and when i connect to internet error me a " GSM network is disconnected " i triend it 20 time to connect but not success plz help me. i am at Gujarat.
@ashwin sarangula • 12 Dec, 2012
Guys, when you are using BSNL's any broadband service, please be sure to switch to Google Public DNS, so that your internet experience will be better. 😀
Instructions: Google Public DNS Enjoy! 😀
praveen kumar: how can i use it for aircel 3g data cards ?

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