25 Oct 2008

How to setup broadband connection in live CD mode?


I just got a live CD of Gentoo. I got my system up with the live CD but I'm unable to figure out how to set up broadband connection. Leave the networking options, I'm even unable to locate the configuration/settings page [​IMG]

Assuming the process is similar for all live CD boots, can anyone explain the procedure to setup a broadband connection?
Ashraf HZ

Ashraf HZ

26 Oct 2008
Biggie, I suggest you staying away from Gentoo for a while. Their development team has sort of stagnated due to infighting unfortunately.

Try Mint Linux.. its based on Ubuntu, but it looks great! 😀

Main Page - Linux Mint
26 Oct 2008
Yep, I realized that. I'll have to search for Ubuntu live CD, or download it. I've the DSL in my Pen drive, but I want to give this 'live CD' thing a try 😉

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